• Student:AndyUniversity of California, Irvine
    Tutor:Alex University of Southern California
    Counseling Subjects: Physics, Computer

    The undergraduate comprehensive ranking of Andy’s college is Top30, majoring in mathematics; the G PA is 3.1, and his demand is for graduate students to enter the famous Columbia University. The tutor has made great efforts to analyze the key subjects of mathematics and finance, and prepared additional exercises for students to expand and enhance their thinking. Finally, Andy successfully applied to the favorite Columbia University.

  • Student:JeremyBrandis University
    Tutor:Alex University of Southern California
    Counseling Subject:Physics, Computer

    Jeremy has a complex of famous schools, but the basic skill is very weak, so he go to community colleges to transfer to famous California schools, GPA transfer is particularly fierce competition, when he’s in University of California Irvine, his Junior Professional Course performance is very laborious, tutors for physics and computer courses for professional guidance, so that his final two courses get A and B + excellent results.

  • Student:MikeFlorida State University
    Tutor:Amy Columbia University
    Counseling Subject:English

    Mike's low self-control ability in American universities leads to unsatisfactory GPA scores and low interest in learning. After our mentor's psychological counseling and GPA academic English counseling, the proposed school club activities. Mike not only steadily improved his grades, but also became interested in English learning and easily integrated into American campus life.

  • Student:JennyBoston University
    Tutor:Alex University of Chicago
    Counseling Subject:Finance

    Jenny’s school is excellent, but she has professional learning cognitive confusion, Alex uses his own professional guidance, and helps find her own professional finance specialty, lay a good foundation for the future career development.