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  • High-Caliber Teaching Artists
    High-Caliber Teaching Artists

    WEmusic’s teaching artists have received outstanding training from U.S. and European conservatories and college music programs.

  • One-on-One Private Instruction
    One-on-One Private Instruction

    Private lessons are essential for technical development and a deeper understanding of repertoire. We offer 60 minute private lessons for all instruments regardless of skill level. Students are paired with a teacher who matches their learning style, needs and skill level.

  • Holistic Music Curriculum
    Holistic Music Curriculum

    Our holistic music education approach involves deep exploration and understanding six key elements: technical training, repertoire performance, sight-reading, ear-training, music theory and examination of cultural and historical context. WEmusic’s comprehensive music training equips lovers of music with the tools and knowledge to pursue careers that express, advocate and serve their communities through the beauty and joy of music.

  • Seameless Combination of Online and Offline Experiences
    Seameless Combination of Online and Offline Experiences

    WEmusic offers a series of extraordinary in-person events around the world, such as master classes, concerts and music camps. Our programs provide students and teachers with face-to-face interaction worldwide and expose our students to thhe international stage providing them with a more expansive learning experience.

  • Learning English and Music Simultaneously
    Learning English and Music Simultaneously

    WEmusic makes it possible for students to study with world-renowned musicians via an immersive English environment and live streaming lessons. Through our carefully designed curriculum, students learn instrumental techniques, music theory, cultural and historical context of repertoires organically.

  • Technology Enhanced Learning
    Technology Enhanced Learning

    Our WEmusic tech team has developed exclusive multifunctioning interactive platform. We use one-on-one live streaming class recording, data analytics and AI (artificial intelligence) technology. The platform allows our students to participate in online lessons, communicate with teachers and receive assessments for progress and growth evaluation.

Our Advisors

Dr. Gary Graffman

Distinguished Pianist, Former President of Curtis Institute of Music

Recognized educator with notable students include Lang Lang, Yujia Wang and Lydia Artmiw

“… with talent, we discover early, that is extremely important. ”

Dr. Andras Batta

Former President of Liszt Academy, Musicologist

Founding member of the Hungarian Musicological Society

The music connects us with the universe, the music connects us with each other.

Music is the language of the finest communication.

But we must strive for that. The music should be properly learned, performed and understood. As always in my life, I would like to build bridges to share the values ​​of classical music with new generations even in distant cultures.

Xiaogang Ye

Vice Dean of the Composition Department of Central Conservatory of Music

One of China’s most active and most famous composers

“…aesthetic education is an indispensable part of universal education.”

Jindong Cai

Director, US-China Music Institute

Former Director of Orchestral Studies at Sanford University

Former Chair of B. Kimball Director of Orchestral Studies

“…the ultimate goal in music education is the upbringing of children’s personality holistically”

Dr. Gary Graffman
Classical musicians
Dr. Andras Batta
Xiaogang Ye
Jindong Cai

Connecting Achievement With Possibility

From piano performance to composition, WEmusic offers a large variety of

teaching artists with degrees from leading U.S., and European conservatories and music programs.

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Comprehensive Educational Structure

WEmusic offers a comprehensive music education that prepares students to continue their studies in music conservatories

or major in music at the collegiate level.Our curriculum is a combination of 6 core skills: technical training, repertoire performance,

sight-reading, ear-training, music theory and exploration of cultural and historical context of each piece. Our leveling system takes global perspective


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