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    Convenient schedule that meets student needs
  • We-Ed Online Classroom

    Use of our own state-of-the-art online classroom
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    Course based on your chool materials
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    Students leave rating and feedback for tutor
  • Ongoing Quality Control

    Tutoring sessions regularly monitored by ECs with feedback
  • Progress Reports

    Monthly reports for students and parents to track performance and set goals

Meet a few of our 100+ US based tutors

  • Eddy


    University of Pennsylvania
    Degree: Master in TESOL
    GPA: 3.7
    Specialty: Academic Writing and Reading, ESL

  • Diana


    University of Pennsylvania
    Degree: Master in TESOL
    GPA: 4.0
    Specialty: TOEFL, IELTS, Academic Writing

  • Harmony


    Columbia University
    Degree: Master in TESOL
    GPA: 4.0
    Specialty: Education, ESL

  • Tian


    Columbia University
    Degree: Master in Arts Management
    GPA: 3.9
    Specialty: History of Architecture, Art History

Meet More Tutors

Our Global Strategic Advisors

  • Xinrong Wang

    Xinrong Wang

    President, Peking University California Alumni Association

    Standing Out in the Job Market

    Regardless of the field, there is always intense competition for high-paying jobs. In addition to improving academic performance with our GPA tutors, GPA Booster tutors and Education Coordinators work with students to network with their prestigious professors and with industry leaders to help students stand out in the crowd of job applicants.

  • Susan Fuhrman

    Susan Fuhrman

    Dean, Teachers College, Columbia University

    Adapting to Freshman Year in the US

    Students need to adapt to a new environment, new modes of instruction and the intensity of the college experience. GPA Booster’s on-going academic tutoring and cultural support guide students through the freshman year smoothly and successfully.

  • Gary Faye Locke

    Gary Faye Locke

    Former United States Ambassador to China

    Successfully Completing College

    The four-year college graduation rate in the United States is below 60%. International college students face additional language and acculturation challenges. GPA Booster Tutors and Education Coordinators provide the personal and academic support students need to successfully meet course requirements and achieve their college degree.

  • Yuhwa Eva Lu

    Yuhwa Eva Lu

    Professor, New York University

    Addressing Parent Concerns

    As parents send their students to a foreign country, they experience concerns about student safety, physical well-being and mental health. GPA Booster provides constant follow-up, 24/7 emergency contact, a legal consultation service and regular communication with parents to ensure that students are safe and parent worries are eased.

  • Simon Collins

    Simon Collins

    Former Dean of Fashion, Parsons School of Design

    Choosing the Right Courses

    Choosing the right courses is essential for meeting college requirements and supporting one’s major. With the help of education experts and senior alumni, students are assisted in choosing the right courses that prepare them for their future area of study.

  • Sean C. Xia

    Sean C. Xia

    Professor, Harvard University Research Center

    Grad School Acceptance

    Excellent academic performance and solid practical skills are both indispensable when seeking admission to graduate school. GPA Booster helps students achieve the grades and navigate the process to enter their dream graduate schools.

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