Why choose GPA Booster?

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    Susan Fuhrman

    Dean, Teachers College, Columbia University

    How to adapt to a new environment during freshman year?

    Students need to adapt to the new environment, new learning methods and intensity. Under the on-going academic assessment, senior alumni can guide students through the freshman year smoothly.

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    Gary Faye Locke

    Former United States Ambassador to China

    How to graduate successfully under strict evaluations?

    College graduation rate in the United States is below 60%. Students need additional tutoring to overcome academic difficulties in a new language environment and education system.

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    Phoebe Shang

    Education Specialist, Stanford University

    How to choose the right direction of general education?

    General education is required during the first two college years. With the help of education experts and senior alumni, students can choose the right courses that prepare them for their future area of study.

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    Xinrong Wang

    President, University of California Beijing Alumni Association

    How to stand out during job hunt?

    There are over 7.1 million open spots in the US job market, though only competent candidates can take the initiative. In addition to improving academic performance with our GPA tutors, practical courses taught by prestigious professors and industry leaders will help students stand out among the crowd.

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    Henry Lu

    Ohio State University graduate admitted to Columbia University

    How to get into your dream grad school?

    Excellent academic performance and solid practical skills are both indispensable. GPA is the fundamental requirement, while practical skills provide you with additional competitiveness. GPA Booster helps students enter their dream graduate schools in two steps.

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    Yuhwa Eva Lu

    Professor, New York University

    Introverted nature, lacking self-management; what should parents do?

    Parents concern most about students’ safety, physical well-being and mental health. GPA Booster provides constant followup, 24/7 emergency contact, and legal consultation service to guard our students.

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*The above data are from internal statistics.

"Global Strategic Advisors"

  • Xinrong Wang

    Xinrong Wang

    President, Peking University California Alumni Association

  • George Andreas Papandreou

    George Andreas Papandreou

    128th Prime Minister of Greece

  • Gary Faye Locke

    Gary Faye Locke

    Former United States Ambassador to China

  • Susan Fuhrman

    Susan Fuhrman

    Dean, Teachers College, Columbia University

  • Simon Collins

    Simon Collins

    Former Dean of Fashion, Parsons School of Design

  • Timothy Blair

    Timothy Blair

    Dean, Wells School of Music, West Chester University

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Strict Tutor Screening Criteria

Basic Criteria: Top 100 university graduates or many from Ivy League schools; GPA 3.5+; 5+ years tutoring experience

  • Phone Screen

  • Course Preparation

  • Teaching Simulation

  • Work and Research

    Experience Investigation

  • Background Review

  • Tutor Training

  • Become GPA
    Booster Tutor

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*The above data are from internal statistics.

Meet a few of our 100+ US based tutors

  • Eddy


    University of Pennsylvania
    Degree: Master in TESOL
    GPA: 3.7
    Specialty: Academic Writing and Reading, ESL

  • Diana


    University of Pennsylvania
    Degree: Master in TESOL
    GPA: 4.0
    Specialty: TOEFL, IELTS, Academic Writing

  • Harmony


    Columbia University
    Degree: Master in TESOL
    GPA: 4.0
    Specialty: Education, ESL

  • Tian


    Columbia University
    Degree: Master in Arts Management
    GPA: 3.9
    Specialty: History of Architecture, Art History

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9 Reasons Why 10,000+ Families Choose GPA Booster

  • Elite Ivy League tutors

  • Native ESL teachers and academic English specialists

  • Renowned professors and industry leaders

  • VIP 6-for-1 service and real-time follow-ups

  • Highly efficient service flow; Study anytime and anywhere

  • Experienced international curriculum and teaching research team

  • Improved learning efficiency through AI and Big Data

  • Balanced study and social network with exclusive local resources

  • 99% student grades improved through GPA Booster

We-Education System

Display of tutor’s comprehensive skills

Analysis of student’s tutoring needs

Smart tutor-student matching system

Smart lesson preparation system

Personalized study plan

Individual content arrangements

Optimized intelligent efficiency

Learning paths

Specified study reports

In-class learning process monitoring

Specific advice based on summaries
of academic performance and skills

Suggestions of problem handling strategies

We-Education 6-for-1 VIP Service

Education coordinators monitor the tutoring process and provide periodic assessments and feedback of the student’s progress and improvement.

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We-Education Service Flow

  • 01

    Pre-class Test

    Powered by
    Major Potential
    . Assess learning ability and potential area of study
  • 02


    Explore student's needs. Professional consultants formulate curriculum proposa
  • 03

    Customized Plan

    Experienced curriculum planners and education coordinators design a tailored tutoring program
  • 04

    Match Tutors

    The smart technology matches students with the best-fitting tutors for their academic needs.
  • 05

    Quality Assurance

    Education coordinators schedule tutoring sessions, monitor tutoring process, and supervise tutoring contents
  • 06

    Post-class Report

    Education coordinators create detailed study reports and give periodic study advice
  • 07

    Subsequent Services

    Education coordinators follow up and assist with the transition to subsequent products
Customize Your Course

How to plan for your four years in college?

Steve is a freshman at Temple University (Rank 106), but he wants to enter Cornell University in four years for graduate study. Steve's mother worries if he can graduate within expected time and if he will be admitted to his dream school. Therefore, she comes to education expert Angela Song, and Angela makes a four-year study plan for Steve.

Thanks to the sufficient planning, Steve will have many choices by the time he graduates from Temple University:

1. Participate in gap year program. Enrich experience by starting up his own company using gap year funds.

2. Start a career. Take pre-training course held by senior enterprise managers.

3. Study for a master’s degree in an Ivy League university. Be invited by alumni to attend workshop and seminars.

Sufficient planning provides Steve with the admission to his dream school and offers from big companies. With his choices maximized, he now has all the initiative to pick his favorite option!

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Pre-Departure Orientation

Benefits for freshmen:

  • Campus-life sharing from peers
  • Public speech and college communication skills
  • One-on-one orientations from the professionals


Shanghai | Beijing | Shenzhen | Guangzhou | Chengdu | Shenyang | Jiaxing | Hangzhou

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  • Yale University

    McKinsey & Company / Mobike

  • Stanford University

    Harvard University

    McKinsey & Company / ByteDance

  • Brown University

    McKinsey & Company

  • Johns Hopkins University

    CSC Financial Co., Ltd.

  • Pennsylvania State University


  • Columbia University

  • Yale University

  • The Ohio State University

    Columbia University

We-Education Exclusive Academic Support

US China Youth
Education Solutions Foundation (YES)

YES is a non-profit organization which is dedicated to building a strong connection for academic and cultural exchanges between Chinese and American youths through quality education programs. We encourage creative thinking, promote the fusion of Chinese and American cultures, and facilitate the communication and exchanges of ideas. We devote ourselves to helping the next generation adapt to and prevail in today’s global marketplace.

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